SDMOM in Action

SDMOM’s response to the pandemic was a bit of a challenge at the beginning, but we marched on with modified service.

Since the start of shelter in place, served as an essential program.

In March, April and May we gave out dozens of food bags, hundreds of diapers and wipes. Even toilet paper and Lysol made it into the trunks of the cars passing through.

In June, we re-opened our Distribution Center that offers furniture, household goods, toys and children’s clothing as well as food, diapers and baby wipes.

We re-designed the Distribution Center due to social distancing protocol. We enforced face covings and provided re-usable face masks to our clients in need of them.

We wanted to check in to give a HUGE thank you for all your support. Remember, without your help NONE of this would happen. We are in this together!

Stay Safe,

Barbara Chavez, Director