Our Goal

A Christian Service to all junior enlisted military families in gratitude for their service.

This outreach provides a practical way to lift some of the burdens on our military families and a meaningful way to say thank you for their sacrifices in service to our country. Your donations and participation as volunteers make it possible. We serve families of all faiths.

Coming Events


March 28, 2020 SDMOM sponsored

Easter Egg Hunt.  Sign up by email:


or Contact office to register for event

at (619) 461-4164.

5 Star Donors

SDMOM 5 Star Donors

Over $50,000

Juanita Gordon

Over $10,000

Ascension Catholic Church

Dr. William Bailey

Cushman Foundation

Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church

Homefront San Diego

Home Furnishing Representative Guild of SoCal

Issa Family Foundation

La Jolla Presbyterian Church

Las Patronas

Patriots Connection Fund of the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation

USS Midway Foundation

Over $5,000

Art Pratt Foundation of Old Mission Rotary

Faith Presbyterian Church

G.O.L.D. Diggers

Dwight Kellogg

Buck and Pat Buchanan

Eugene Kujawski

Pt Loma Community Presbyterian Church

Over $1,000

Ginny Baker (GMPC)

Michael and Mary Ann Chapple

Alpine Community Church

Big Block Realty

Chula Vista Presbyterian Church

Judy Jones Cone

DA and SF Durran

Di Costanzo Investments, LLC

El Capitan Stadium Association

Electrical Industry Information Institute

First Presbyterian Church of El Cajon



Hewlett Packard Retiree Club of SoCal

Jewish Community Foundation

Jane Kaliff (GMPC)

Rick and Laurie Kania

Lakeside Community Presbyterian Church

Linda Vista Church

John and Susan Major

Ryan and Tori Mccrillis

Terry McDaniel

Mira Mesa Presbyterian Church

Pacific Beach Presbyterian Church

Palisades Presbyterian Church

Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church

John and Jill Striker

St. James by the Sea Episcopal Church

St. Theresa Catholic Church

Kevin and Marjorie Sullivan

Sunny Hills Auto Sales

Michael and Carolyn Taxer

Trinity Presbyterian Church

University City United Church

Ed and Carol Vacin

Nick and Kalyn Walker

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Les and Marilyn Williamson

Wisdom of Journey

Over $500

Stephen and Elizabeth Allman

Am Vets Ladies Auxiliary Post 17

Joseph and Janet Bartel

Jan Capper

Sandra Carder

Shirley Carlson

Barbara Chavez

Robert and Joellen Collins

Judith Copeland

Coronado Community Church

Chuck Cox

Friends of Annie McMillan

Louise Griffin

Thomas Guest

David and Marilyn Helkenn

Sally Irwin

Dennis and Yolanda James

Patricia Kellenbarger

Lakeside Optimist Club

Charlie and Ellen MacVean

Kathryn Murphy

Joseph Oliver

Joseph Pimentel

Presbytery of San Diego

Sandra Smelk

Charles and Tamara Smith

St Andrew Lutheran Church

St David Episcopal Church

St. Mark’s Preschool

Sullivan Eastern INC.

Franklin and Catherine White

Jennifer and Stephen Whitley

Penny and Libby Zeigler

Stephen and Elizabeth Allman

Over $300

American Best Charities

Clipper Club of La Jolla

Thomas Guest

Optimist Club of La Mesa

Patrick and Sandra Huston

Christopher Keogh

La Jolla Christian Fellowship

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church

$300 and Below

Special thanks to our $300 and below donors. At SDMOM eighty cents of every dollar goes to support the military families in San Diego County.


Sept. 19, 2019 - Ascension Parish Pavilion, 15 expectant Moms assembled for lunch, some games, prizes and diaper bags.  Exec. Dir. Barbara Chavez welcomed participants, then explained the schedule.  Food was served and the games began.

The game required participant to estimate the number of beans in a jar.  All tried. 3 were awarded prizes for their accuracy.

A separate drawing was held and the winner received a Graco Pack and Play. Then, all selected a diaper

bag of their choice from the many donated by Ascension Parishioners. These diaper bags were fully

equipped and included a $25 gift card.


The afternoon concluded with a group photo.  We wish all expectant mothers the very best! And, we

thank our Ascension donors for the diaper bags!


April 27, 2018 - We are 2 weeks away from our annual Stamp Out Hunger Drive.  The drive is sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers in San Diego for the benefit of the literally thousands of E-5 families and below who need our support to provide healthy meals for their children.  Volunteers are needed on May 12, 2018 to help with this worthwhile project at the following locations:  Coronado Post Office and SDMOM main office. For more info and addresses please contact Ralph West at (619) 871-6341 or Rick Moore (619) 838-1221 for Coronado Post Office, SDMOM main office contact Sandy Crowder (619) 249-9131 or Barbara Chavez (619) 461-4164.

April 21, 2018 SDMOM held its annual Luau.  Again this year it was held at Ascension Parish Hall. The event drew close to 200 people who were wined and dined and entertained. Below are photos showing that a good time was had by all.  Seen here are Board members Judi Copeland, Board President Sandy Carder, Buck Buchanon and Mary Ann Chaple with her husband Mike.

Our Silent Auction featured a great variety of gifts to bid on and the bidding was very active.

The catered meal of pulled pork or chicken and rice with salad and desert was enjoyed by the many           guests who attended.

After the meal was served an excellent troup of Hawaiian dancers entertained us. Unfortunately, the   photographer was temporarily unavailable! Following the dancing exhibition, host Rick Kania began              the second portion of the event with an appeal for funds to support SDMOM's many activities.                     Over $2000 was raised just in donations!

This year our Luau was blessed  with the presence of a newly wed couple, both active duty Marines.                    We welcomed them with a special addition to the program.  Host Rick Kania, after securing their       permission, set up a $5 a dance as a wedding gift from attendees. The pictures tell the story.


In the last photo above, SDMOM was presented with an American Flag as a gift from Ascension.

US Marines presented the flag on our behalf.  Financially, it appears that we raised just over $13,000               that night.

April 13, 2018 was not an unlucky day for SDMOM.  On that day we were awarded a generous $5,000 check from the Gold Diggers Foundation.  Barbara Chavez is shown receiving this award from Gold Digger President.


November 9, 2017 SDMOM  was awarded a grant for $15,000.  The grant came from the Midway Foundation. Pictured below, Sandy Carder, Barbara Chavez and Ed Vacin receiving the  award.  Our thanks to the Midway Foundation and Dick Walker and Mary Jane Wilfong from Graham Memorial PC for their assistance resulting in this award.

June 15, 2017 SDMOM sponsored a Baby Shower with strong support from members of a sorority at SDSU.  Below are photos of the gathering. They show Service members and dependents enjoying lunch, visiting with sorority sisters from SDSU Alumni Association, receiving door prizes, gathering diaper bags and then posing for a group photo.  All had a good time and for us at SDMOM it was as always a great opportunity to show God's love for young enlisted families serving our country.

Door Prizes from generous donors.

SDSU Alumni Sorority sisters sharing time and experiences with young families.

A great dessert and then Diaper Bags!

Photo on right below shows recipients of concert tickets provided by an anonymous donor.

Families leaving, but then a last gathering for a final photo.


May 20, 2017, SDMOM participated in a community event, Patriot's Day Parade, in Tierrasanta.  First, the parade.  Marcher included Fred Gestra, Rick Kania, Barbara Chavez and not shown, he took the photo :>), Chuck Cox.

Activity at the booth in the Tierrasanta shopping center was steady and productive due to the generosity of those attending the Tierrafest Craft fair.  Many are veterans and understand the hardships young enlisted families have when stationed in San Diego.  We also connected with others who did not know of us and the services we could provide to them. A great way to spend a Saturday!

We "volunteered" a young lady attendee to help us select the winning raffle ticket.  The winner was Mark. More to come...

Mark wished to donate the basket to a military family.  On Tuesday, May 23rd, during our Distrbution Center hours, the Beck family won the basket. They are pictured below. They expressed their thanks to Mark for his generosity.


May 13, 2017, our food drive, sponsored by NALC ( National Assoc. of Letter Carriers) was a great success. We collected over 46,000 pounds of canned goods. Donations were collected by Postal workers and brought to their post offices where it was off-loaded.  There SDMOM volunteers re-loaded the food for delivery to our distribution center in La Mesa.

Our photo story begins at 3:30 PM at the distribution center where it seems as though load after load of canned goods arrived every 30 minutes from postal offices around San Diego.  Our photos show SDMOM volunteers unloading and sorting canned goods. As you will see, darkness approaches and the beat went on!  Thanks to the organizational skill of the "Boss" Sandy Carder, all went as well as could be expected.

The stacks of food continued to grow and additional volunteers came to help.

These food drives are successful only because of the generosity of San Diegans and the volunteers who give of their time to make it happen.

As evening approached, the pace increased as it is difficult to work in the dark even though we had lanterns.

One last load, many more boxes to sort. But SDMOM volunteers did it.  Over 3 tons brought in!


April 29, 2017, SMOM's 3rd annual Luau took place in Tierrasanta at Ascension Catholic Church hall.  Over 160 attended to support our ministry.   The photos below chronicle this enjoyable event.

Auction items and food preparation by JoAnn Johnson and her able volunteer crew.

There was time for socializing and checking out silent auction items

It didn't take long for MC Rick Kania to get the food line going.

A special treat for the evening was the dancing of the Imahen Taotao Tano dancers.  This talent group entertained the audience for 30 minutes of traditional polynesian dancing not usually seen. Our deepest thanks to them for coming to our Luau!

After some excellent entertainment, Rick Kania was back to open the live auction.  Don't forget, this is supposed to be a fund raiser!

In the end, it was all about writing checks!  A good time by all and looking forward to having it again next year.


April 8, 2017 SDMOM held its annual Easter Egg hunt.  100 children from 30 families attended. In addition to easter eggs, there were baskets and other prizes given out.  All in all, a happy day for kids.


March 29th, SDMOM conducted a Baby Shower for expectant mom at the Naval Base. Ten expectant mom were treated to lunch and new diaper bags containing diapers, wipes, lotions, baby blankets and more.

December 25, 2016 SDMOM thanks the many volunteers who worked hard this year to support our junior enlisted families.  This support was felt throughout the year by over 4000 families.  We wish you a happy and joyfilled Christmas and a very Healthy, Happy New Year!

December 17, 2016, St. Luke's Lutheran Church in La Mesa hosted the final Christmas Store for SDMOM in 2016.  We are so very thankful for their generosity and support of our mission.

December 13, 2017, Lakeside Presbyterian is the location for the 4th Christmas Store of the Christmas Season.  The volunteers who hosted were extremely happy to do so, judging by their smiles.  In addition, families who came were treated to a "winter" sleigh ride. Their smiling faces tells it all.  Thanks to the many volunteers, a most successful store was experienced by all guests.

December 10, 2016, SDMOM made its annual appearance in La Jolla at La Jolla Presbyterian Church.  This is always an exciting event.  There are many volunteers and great support for military families in this community.  As usual, the event begins with signing in.  The gifts await on many tables. It doesn't take long for the smiles to appear.  Happy parents! Wait til the kids see what Santa has brought!


December 7, 2016, SDMOM with Santa appeared at the Navy Region Southwest Command.  Much to the delight of many young children!

December 3, 2016, SDMOM began its series of 6 Christmas Stores in the San Diego area.  The first store to open was at Point Loma Presbyterian Church.  The event took place at their Family Life Center.  As excited guests waited to sign in, toys were carefully and lovingly arranged.  The volunteers were ready. Families arrived. Their childen were entertained as Mom and Dad shopped.

November 19,2016,  SDMOM partnered with JW Flooring's Outreach-Impacting Lives Foundation as Outreach-Impacting Lives hosted their annual Thanksgiving Dinner donation to military families in the San Diego area. Outreach volunteers came early to set up bags of groceries and open cases of frozen turkeys.  Then, they came.

Before receiving Thanksgiving dinners, families signed in.  SDMOM volunteers and Executive Director Barbara Chavez assisted with  sign ins. They came by 2's, 3's and more.

Then, a warm greeting by Rita and the many Outreach volunteers. Frozen turkeys and lots of food to give as a way to thank those who serve for us.

Outreach volunteers engaged each family making them feel special.  There were lots of smiles and hugs to go with the food.  All were most welcome!

Girl Scouts from Troop 5248 did their share helping to carry food to military family cars.

The commands weren't overlooked either.  Here Sr. Chief Soliz supervises loading turkeys and bags of food to distribute to those unable to make it out to the JW Flooring location.

At morning's end, we served over 200 families at JW Flooring thanks to Rita and Outreach-Impacting Lives.

In addition, we thank FRO volunteers Sarah, Shondra, Kristin, and Jennifer and Barbara as well as other SDMOM volunteers Cheyenne, Bobbie and Jake (not shown).


June 10, 2016 SDMOM hosted a Baby Shower at its Distribution Center for 15 expectant moms.  In attendance were volunteers from a local churches.  Getting to know these young families is always lots of fun.  Barbara Chavez introduced the program, Door prizes were plentiful, even for the younger ones.  Refreshments were plentiful, but  the focus was on the new Diaper Bags each loaded with baby care items.  No doubt we helped those in attendance stretch their dollars that day.  All in all, a very successful event!


May 21, 2016, SDMOM participated in the annual Patriot's Day Parade and Tierrafest in Tierrasanta.  Pictured below are some shots from the Tierrafest booth where we offered a basket prize put together by  Board Member JoAnn Johnson. We had a good response, lots of traffic and in the end a winner. Rick Kania President of SDMOM Board assisted by an off-duty Marine drawing the winning ticket. A local resident was the lucky winner.


April 30, 2016, SDMOM held its 2nd annual Luau, hosted by Faith Presbyterian Church across from SDSU.

The evening began with a social hour and silent auction inspection and bidding.

A delicious Luau prepared by SDMOM's own JoAn Johnson, was served to over 150 guests.

Through the evening, guests enjoyed the music of Bob Inot, retired military and a great Ukelele player. Following the Luau, they were further entertained by talented of dancers from San Diego Japanese Christian Church, Faith Ministry. Both were greatly enjoyed.

Lest we forget, the purpose for our gathering was to raise funds supporting our efforts on behalf of military families, E-5 and below. Below is a photo of Marine guests from North Island NavalAirstation and Barbara Chavez SDMOM's Executive Director. This event raised nearly $11,000. Our thanks to all who came and or contributed to its success in any way.


April 20, 2016, Padres donate to a worthy cause.  SDMOM board member and co-chair for the annual SDMOM Luau accepts Padre donation for use in Silent Auction during Luau event. See News/Gallery for more info.

An Easter Egg Hunt, March 5, 2016.  The photos below illustrate this story.  Spring is in the air as evidenced by the follage on trees.  Saturday, March 5th SDMOM conducted its annual Easter Egg hunt at their Distribution Center in La Mesa.  Young Military families and children gathered for this popular event.

Signing in has become part of the ritual.  Families are eager to begin the festivities which include chances at excellent doorprizes from generous donors.