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The following are some of the recent testimonials received by SDMOM:

In December 2009, SDMOM gave over 4,000 toys, numerous quilts, children's clothing and many other items to 750 military families at six Holiday Toy Stores, and through various commands and to families of severely wounded service members. All gifts were free. Following are several thank you messages we received.

I wanted to say thank you very much for being able to participate in the Holiday Toy Store. It was my first time and I am very grateful to your organization for making our holidays this year easier for us. Thank you for all you do for military families. It is very much appreciated. It helps out a lot, especially through deployment during the holidays. Merry Christmas and God Bless! The Scott Family.

My name is Lavelle and mine was one of the many fortunate families that received gifts from your organization this Christmas. I attended the store at La Jolla Presbyterian Church and I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who organized such a wonderful event! Everything was so well organized, the people were so nice and in the Christmas spirit. The dedication and time that went into decorating the church was well noticed, for it was beautiful. Please do me the favor and pass this along to everyone who had a part in this event because it was "Perfect". Thank you much for all that you do.

Hi Barbara. I wanted to thank you for allowing Sonja and I to come over to the warehouse and pick out Christmas gifts for the children of our wounded service members here at the Naval Hospital and surrounding area. Sonja and I were overwhelmed at the toys there and it made a lot of children very happy. We had several injured service members who literally had nothing to give their children. In fact I had one combat injured Marine mother whose two little girls had put several small gifts under the tree for mommy, and then asked where their gifts were. Thanks to you (and SDMOM) there were gifts for these little girls! Thank you very much again.  Steve Vargo, MS, Counselor Advocate, Military Severely Injured Center

On August 21, 2009, SDMOM received a Certificate of Commendation from Commanding Officer Marine Aitcraft Group 11: For your outstanding support of the Marines, sailors and families... of 3300 service members..a vital resource that we know we can always turn to in time of need. Through your daily work and advocacy for our service members and their families, they are better equipped to handle the challenges of the military lifestyle....Your continued support, professionalism, and steadfast devotion to our families reflect great credit upon you and are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

On July 7, 2009, from Rear Admiral L. R. Hering, Commanding Officer, Navy Region Southwest: LETTER OF APPRECIATION:  ...to recognize and thank you for the exceptional volunteer support you provided to the San Diego visit of Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden on May 14, 2009. By participating in an event featuring a Discussion Panel comprised of Military Support Organization Representatives, Volunteers, and Military Spouses, you contributed significantly to an important and informative exchange about our volunteer military support structure in Southern California and beyond. ....Congratulations and thank you for a job "Well Done."

(July 8, 2009): From  Lt. Col. Todd M. Jenkins, Commanding Officer, Marine Support Squadron 373 (MWSG 37, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing):

  My Marines...have been informing me of the many wonderful things you have been doing to assist and support our Marines and their families. On behalf of all the command, I would like to pass on my sincerest thanks for your very kind and giving efforts in always going the extra distance to help a Marine or their family member out. Please know that this letter only captures a fraction of what my command and its leaders wish to convey to you for your generous actions. I know your actions and giving spirit have made a tremendous impact on many of my Marines. Thank you again for all you do and all you are to our families and Marines. It is greatly appreeciated.

On July 1, 2009, a LETTER OF APPRECIATION from Commanding Officer, Headquarters Personnel Detachment, Marine Aircraft Group 11: It is with sincere gratitude and thanks that I send this letter. Your hard work and dedication in support of the Marines and Sailors of MAG-11 HQ and their families for our Beach Luau family Day contributed greatly to a successful event.........Your efforts helped make the event highly successful......Throughout the process, you exemplified the core value of Commitment in what you did and continually do for our Marines, Sailors and families. Well Done!

On June 26, 2009, SDMOM received an award from Commanding Officer, Recruit Training Regiment, Marine Corps Recruit Depot:  In recognition of your support and generous donation to the Recruit Training Regiment and it's family members for the Recruit Training Regiment Family Day. 

On May 21, 2009, a LETTER OF APPRECIATION from Commanding Officer, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232:  Your hard work and dedication in support of the Marines and Sailors of VMFA-232 for our beach party contributed greatly to a successful event. I truely appreciate your efforts..... Well Done!

On April 18, 2009, staff assistant Amanda Tomlinson recieved a Certificate of Appreciation the Commanding Officer Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 165:

" In heartfelt gratitude for your generous endowment of time, wisdom and donation to the Marine Corps Families of Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 165. Your contribution ensured that the White Knight's Baby Shower was a complete success. More importantly you demonstrated by direct leadership true dedication to the Marine Corps Family Readiness Principles of building strong Marine Corps Families."

From Commanding Officer, Headquarters Personnel Support Detachment, Marine Aircraft Group 11, dated April 22, 2009:

It is with sincere gratitude and thanks that I send this letter. Your hard work and dedication in support of the Marines and Sailors of MAG-11 HQ for our Field Meet with Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron-3 contributed greatly to a successful event. I truely appreciate your efforts.

Due to the assistance you and your organization provided, our Marines and Sailors were able to thoroughly enjoy the events and build comraderie as a unit. Your efforts and assistance helped make the event the success that it was and provided much appreciated motivation for our participants.

Throughout the process, you exemplified the core value of Commitment in what you did and continually do for our Marines and Sailors. Well Done!

Letter dated Dec. 5, 2008 from Commanding Officer, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 323, in part:

I am writng this letter with the utmost gratitude and appreciation for your devoted patriotism and support of our Squadron's Marines and Sailors who enjoyed a memorable Christmas Party, thanks in part to your organization. ....We were astounded at the amount of gifts that were provided by your organization. As the children of our Marines arrived at the hanger their huge smiles told us that your donations were well received. ...it was truly amazing to show the Marines that there are organizations like yours that support them unconditionally. Your contributions were a key part of letting the Marines know that their hard work and dedication to the Marine Corps and to our Country is well appreciated... Please accept this letter of appreciation as a token of thanks for giving our Marines and their families a memorable experience that they deserve and I personally thank you for your devotion to your country and support of our squadron.

Letter dated Sept. 29, 2008 from the Office of the First Lady, Sacramento to Director to Director Barbara Chavez:

WOW what a day! Thank you for partnering with me to make Family Day in California such a huge success- your support and hard work brought so much to Miramar's military families and service members.

Family Day was created as an opportunity for families to come together as a unit- whether they are sitting around the dinner table sharing a meal, serving their communities, playing or learning something new. This      is truly precious time for a family to share and by participating in California's Family Day celebration, you made  all of this possible.

I hope you enjoyed being a part of this celebration and that you walked away feeling a part of a larger effort    to connect and uplift families who face many challenges- we couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you again for all of your work on behalf of California's families.

Warm regards: Maria Shriver

Letter dated 18 Oct 2008 to Barbara Chavez from Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar :

On behalf of all the Marines and Sailors aboard Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, I would like to personally thank you and the Military Outreach Ministries for your outstanding support of the Maria Shriver We   Support Military Families Parent Resource Fair on Thursday, September 24, 2008. 

Over 750 active duty personnel and their families enjoyed visiting the many community organizations represented at the fair. Your support and participation with the School Liaison program provided our guests with important information that can improve their quality of life. Your presence helped to create connectivity between military families and valuable community resources. Without your contributions the day would not have been as successful as it was.

We are extremely grateful for your tremendous support and commitment to the men and women serving this great Nation and their families.

Thank you and Semper Family!

Christopher E. O'Conner, Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps

 Letter of Appreciation from: Commanding Officer, U.S. Marine Corps, Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Recruit Training Regiment to: Barbara Chavez, Director, San Diego Military Outreach Ministries

"I would like to pass on my personal thanks to you and to San Diego Military Outreach Ministries for your generous contributions to our 2008 Regimental Family Summer Social. Your support significantly added to the spirit and enjoyment of the day and was greatly appreciated. On behalf of the Marines, Sailors and families of the Recruit Training Regiment, thanks again for your support.   Colonel G.T. Habel (dated 26 July 2008)

 Excerpt from a letter to our Director dated June 23, 2008 (regarding a reunion of families whose babies were  born prematurely and cared for at Naval Medical Center San Diego, i.e. NICU):

Dear Barbara:

Thank you so much for your generous donation of Scuba Gear and Blues Clues Books that helped support the 25th Annual  NICU Reunion. Your past support is deeply appreciated and this year was no exception.

The 25th NICU Reunion featured a BBQ lunch, entertainment, music, face painting, a dunk tank, family photos, "Big Animals for Little Kids", clowns, Sea World's Penguin, various games and activity booths, raffle drawings, cotton candy, popcorn, plus certificates and awards for all graduates.

This year, over four hundred and twenty people participated in the day's event. All feedback thus far of the 25th Annual NICU Reunion has been positive. Families, staff and volunteers have all had only good things to say about this year's event.

On behalf of the entire staff at the Naval Medical Center of San Diego, the San Diego Armed Forces YMCA, all of the event's volunteers, and friends, families, and loved ones who were at this year's event we thank you Barbara Chavez and all at Military Outreach Ministries.


Cherri Barnswell, Senior Program Director, Armed Forces YMCA, Naval Medical Center San Diego

 The following recent Thank You was received from Lt. Col. Todd Jenkins, Commanding Officer  for Marine Wing Support Squadron 373:

"I would like to personally pass on my sincere thanks for the truly fantastic support that you and your organization recently provided to our command and its many families. Your helpful support and contributions added immensely to the tremendous success of our Family Day on May 3, 2008. I think you will see by the overwhelming number of smiles of our family members in these attached photos how happy they are and how your gifts and support contributed to making this day so special. ......

...Your recent kind and generous support positively impacted our family and helped illustrate this point -    that there are local organizations that provide tremendous support. On behalf of our Marines, Sailors and families, I pass on a special thank you for the great things you do in general and the specific things you did for Marine Wing Support Squadron 373. 

Thanks for caring so much and giving so openly."       

The following letter was recently sent to our Director of Operations for SDMOM:

I am Lt. Col Mike Bennett the Executive Officer for Marine Wing support Group 37, and would like to extend to you my personal thanks for the wonderful support that you and your organization provided to the Marines and family members of MWSG-37. Your contributions helped to make the first "Family Day" of our current deployment a rousing success, and set the stage for future successful events.  Support to and interaction with its families is the foundation upon which a unit builds its combat readiness, and you have helped us show our families that not only are there support structures in place to help them while their loved ones are away, but also that these structures and organizations are run by people who truly care.

I hope that we can continue to work with you in the future, and that we can find some Marines to assist you in your most worthy endeavors. Kelly Jones is our fantastic Group Family Readiness Officer, and she can work with you to identify where we can help. Thank you again.


The following thank you was received by Barbara Chavez, Director of Operations, from a military mom:

Hello Barbara! My family and I had the pleasure of attending the Easter Egg Hunt today and it was fabulous!! The baskets were so cute and each of the kids got to choose their own. We will enjoy playing "Jenga" as a family tonight. And to top it all off, we won a bike and toy in the raffle. WOW! I am always amazed by the ingenuity and thought that goes into your wonderful events. The staff at SDMOM did a superb job! Kudos to your whole staff!!!           Thanks,          Monika (active duty spouse)


(Excerpt from SD Union Tribune, Sunday, March 18, 2007:) 

“Sadie Satterfield coordinates the food handouts for the San Diego chapter of Military Outreach Ministries. As she hustled between her van and a picnic table carrying pallets of bread and vegetables, she kept a close eye on the line, searching for women who looked like they might need a few words of encouragement. 

Satterfield, wife of a Navy electrician, knows how it feels to be short of food with a week until payday. She and her husband, high school sweethearts, married at the courthouse in Pensacola, Fla., when she was 19 and he was 21. She was soon pregnant. 

While her husband was at sea, an administrative mistake delayed his paycheck. Satterfield ran out of food and diapers and was wrapping her infant in dish towels. ‘I was desperate’ she said. ‘I couldn’t reach my husband. All these bills were piling up. I was freaking out.’ 

Though servicemen have the reputation for being tough, people who work with their wives say the women have their own brand of strength and resilience. 

Husbands move up in rank, which means more money and fewer financial pressures. Young moms gain life experience. They learn to make friends, who share information about where to find help. 

Sadie was so grateful for the help from Military Outreach Ministries that she signed on as a volunteer. Now 30 and the mother of two children ages 4 and 10, Satterfield parlayed the volunteer work into a part-time job with the organization.  

‘Most of these girls are going from mom and dad right out of high school to having a husband and getting pregnant. Then they have a husband and a child and then the husband leaves,’ she said. ‘You think you get married and it will be 50-50. Instead its 90-10.' 

Testimonial:     The following note was received by our Director from a military wife in September 2007 (name withheld):"Hello, my name is-------------. My family is in need of diapers, wipes, some clothing for my kids and food. We have been having a lot of vehicle repairs in the last few months. I went to your food give away today at Bayview, 'wow'. It was great. Thanks for everything. My husband is an E-6 and he is in the Navy. We have 6 children. Please call me if you have any questions."

SDMOM has four paid employees who are military wives. They are assisted by hundreds of volunteers from our community to carry out more than 60 activities each month including food and bread distributions, craft classes,  days at the warehouse giving out donated children’s clothes and furniture, household furniture and appliances and infant formula and diapers with holiday celebrations with gifts. Our operational expenses are paid entirely by your donations. We need and welcome your support. To donate go to our website tabs above: How You Can Help and Donations