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Mission Statement: San Diego Military Outreach Ministries' (SDMOM) is a nondenominational organization, guided by Christian values, whose mission it is to provide help with some basic needs, as well as hold events that enhance the quality of life, for all military junior enlisted families (E5 and below) living in San Diego County.

SDMOM is an incorporated 501(c)(3) charity supported by churches, civic organizations, businesses, military members and private donors working with other nonprofit organizations. With a small paid staff of military wives and many volunteers, SDMOM provides helping services to thousands of enlisted families each year. All services are provided free of charge. Services include nearly daily distribution of food, small household goods, children’s supplies and hosting holiday events, baby showers and family events.

SDMOM serves the Active Duty junior enlisted military family (mostly ranks E-5 and below), typically headed by a 19-30 year old, with young children, away from home, and trying to survive in our expensive economy on a low salary while struggling with high debt and the family stresses of deployment.

San Diego County is one of the largest military regions in the United States with more than 14 military installations in the County. Today there are nearly three quarters of a million children under the age of five years in military families, the most since World War II.

“When a family member deploys, the whole family ‘deploys’ requiring equal parts of courage and sacrifice.”

(from PBS special: “When parents deploy.” )

With several hundred thousand service members and with more than 20,000 military families in San Diego, SDMOM is busy helping with urgent needs, personal caring and household and food assistance as we provide :

Ten  food distributions each month and eight bread deliveries a week in military housing and other locations; Hundreds of food bags are distributed with gift certificate for a turkey for Thanksgiving to military families. (rates E-5 and below).

A warehouse open three days a week giving household goods, furniture, children's and infants supplies and equipment (rates E-5 and below);

Wanted: We need about 300-500 square feet of  extra storage for received donations of household goods. Can you help us? Call our office at (619) 461-4164 and help us help our military  families. Thank you.

Special events on holidays and other dates - Referrals for special needs; assist families of wounded warriors

Networking and personal caring for families - Baby showers and new mom visits.

SDMOM hosts frequent new moms to be showers at Navy and Marine Bases in  San Diego. More photos on Newsletter page.


We are fully dependent on your donations to fund our operating budget to serve a thousand enlisted families each month. Every donations counts.

SDMOM is a member of Local Independent Charities of America.

To contribute by credit card, click on:  www.givedirect.org/give/givefrm.asp?CID=8660 ,fill in the information  for Make a Donation and send. You will receive a receipt and acknowledgment. Courtesy of Local Independent Charities of America (by GiveDirect).

Financial contributions to fund our operations costs and food purchases can be mailed directly to SDMOM at :

San Diego Military Outreach Ministries, P.O. Box 3030, La Mesa, CA 91944-3030.

Please be sure to make all checks out to San Diego Military Outreach Ministries or just to SDMOM. All contributions are tax deductible and will be acknowledged with a letter and a receipt.  SDMOM is rated one of the BEST in AMERICA by Independent Charities of America

This outreach provides San Diegans a practical way to lift some of the burdens on our military families and a meaningful way to say thank you for their sacrifices in service to our country. Your Donations and participation as volunteers enable this ministry to provide more than sixty activities a month in service to these families (rates E-5 and below).

News Item: In 2010, SDMOM received a Certificate of Appreciation from:

The Commanding General, Third Marine Aircraft Wing, Thomas L. Conant, Major General, U.S. Marine Corps and The Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Frank A. Richie, Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps

Reading in part:   For your constant, faithful and devoted service to the Marines, Sailors and Family Members of the Third Marine Aircraft Wing and Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Your devotion, dedication and endless support to service members and their families have left a lasting, positive impact on our ability to accomplish our missions. On behalf of the Marines and Sailors ...please accept our sincerest appreciation for your contribution and your compassionate understanding in the role of a Marine Corps volunteer. You have become a vital member of our Marine Corps Family ....Your volunteer service is in keepng with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. Semper Fi!

Working with Family Readiness Groups to host family events.

Serving families of wounded service members and supporting our wounded at Naval Hospital San Diego:


In December 2010, SDMOM provided thousands of toys, quilts, children's clothing and many other items to over 1,200 military families including families of Severely Injured military. Following is one thank you note from Severely Injured Counselor, Naval Hospital, San Diego:

"I wanted to thank you for allowing Sonja and I to come over to the warehouse and pick out Christmas gifts for the children of our wounded service members here at the Naval Hospital and surrounding area. Sonja and I were overwhelmed at the toys there and it made a lot of children very happy.

We had several injured service members who literally had nothing to give their children. In fact, I had one combat injured Marine mother whose two little girls had put several small gifts under the tree for mommy, and then asked where their gifts were. Thanks to you (SDMOM) there were gifts for these little girls! Thank you very much again.

Steve Vargos, MS, Counselor Advocate, Military Severely Injured Center

(Please consider a donation to San Diego Military Outreach Ministries so we can continue to assist these families with food, children's supplies and household goods through 2011.)

Chargers help out with Tyson's Foods and Lift up America. (See newsletter tab.)

SDMOM is rated "Best in America" by Independent Charities of America. Less than 4 % of donated resources go for administration. Run by Veterans, families and other volunteers with 4 military wives as employed staff.



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