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SDMOM is an incorporated ecumenical public charity supported by churches, businesses, service organizations, military service members and their families, and private donors. We work in partnership with other non-profit organizations such as USO, Red Cross, Food Bank, WIC and many others.

Our administration is provided by many experienced volunteers from our community including veterans, retired military, church members and others. Thus your donations go directly to supporting our operations as we serve military families. With a small paid staff of military wives and many volunteers from our community, SDMOM provides helping services to thousands of enlisted families of all faiths each year (rates E-5 and below). All services are provided free of charge to our military families of all faiths. Endorsed by the Ecumenical Council. We also prepare quality back packs filled with personal gifts for our Wounded Warriers at Balboa Naval Medical Center and Wounded Warriers Barracks and assist their families with food and household goods..

Supporting Military Families.

              WHY WE SERVE

SDMOM mostly serves the junior enlisted military family (rates E-5 and below), typically headed by a 18-23 year old, with young children, away from home, and trying to survive in our expensive economy on a low salary while struggling with high debt and the family stresses of deployment.                                                    

             Today there are nearly three quarters of a million children under the age of five years in military families, the most since World War II. When a family member deploys, the whole family "deploys" requiring equal parts of sacrifice and courage .         (Cuba Gooding Jr. from PBS special: "When Parents Deploy")

               WHAT YOU CAN DO.

Financial contributions to fund our operations costs and food purchases can be mailed directly to SDMOM at :

San Diego Military Outreach Ministries, P.O. Box 3030, La Mesa, CA 91944-3030.

Please be sure to make all checks out to San Diego Military Outreach Ministries or just to SDMOM. All contributions are tax deductible and will be acknowledged with a letter and a receipt.  

Credit Card Donations:

Please click on:  www.givedirect.org/give/givefrm.asp?CID=8660   and follow directions:

You will receive a receipt and acknowledment. (Courtesy of Local Independent Charities of America through GiveDirect) Rated "Best in America" by  Independent Charities of America , less than 4 % of donated resources go for administration.

Wanted: We need about 300-500 square feet of  extra storage for received donations of household goods. Can you help us? Call our office at (619) 461-4164 and help us help our military  families. Thank you.

Thank you for your support.