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Our outreach to enlisted military families (rates E-5 and below) continues on nearly a daily basis year round with thousands of San Diego families served and special Holiday events. Check the following tabs (pages) on the left for the rest of our story.

Wanted: We need about 300-500 square feet of  extra storage for received donations of household goods. Can you help us? Call our office at (619) 461-4164 and help us help our military  families. Thank you.

Staff and volunteers run the shop.

While families are served.

New furniture provided by business donor.

Deliveries assisted by Marines volunteering in off duty hours.

Our communities reaching out to young military families.

In gratitude for your service and sacrifice.

Semper Families!!!!


San Diego is one of the largest military complexes in the free world. SDMOM covers the 13 Navy, Marine, National Guard, Army Reserve and Coast Guard installations south of Camp Pendleton.

 Did You Know?

Today there are nearly three quarters of a million children under the age of five years in military families, the most since World War II. When a family member deploys, the whole family “deploys” requiring equal parts of courage and sacrifice.

(Cuba Gooding Jr. from PBS special: ”When Parents Deploy” ) 

More than ever before, in these difficult economic times, we need your donations to fund our staff and run our vehicles as we serve thousands of junior enlisted families each year in San Diego. Thank you for your support.